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Display Express TV Guide

This blog is dedicated to all those who use Display Express systems to control TVs. Here, we'll summarize the "controllability" status of popular makes of TVs, and we will update new facts and gotchas as we discover them.

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Generic CR Blog Banner April 10th, 2018

Basic Instructions for Integrating Display Express RF Control

Display Express is a very easy system to install and integrate, compared to other video distribution and control systems. Though it's really simple, it's often a new way of doing things for integrators.

Generic CR Blog Banner February 9th, 2017

Display Express PC Installation – Windows 7-10 Pro

Installing Display Express software into a Windows 7-10 Pro computer is a fairly simple process. The software can also be installed in Windows 10 Home.

Generic CR Blog Banner October 5th, 2015

Adding TV power current sensing to ICC1-IRX controllers

In a perfect Display Express world, your customer will always provide TVs with discrete IR power control, typical for LG, Panasonic, Sharp Sony, Samsung, and Visio TVs

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