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Market Solutions

The name Contemporary Research is synonymous with high-quality video distribution hardware and software. We design our products to work seamlessly with each other, and just as importantly, with those of other manufacturers.

We take exhaustive efforts to replicate every application a CR product may encounter in daily use to ensure interoperability across a wide range of markets, including: broadcast, corporate, education, entertainment, government, houses of worship, stadiums and arenas, restaurants and bars, and transportation.


Broadcasters trust Contemporary Research to deliver video throughout their facility.

Broadcast AV Design
Houses of Worship

Engage, grow, and enhance the worship experience through video.

Churches & Worship AV Design

Executives and business owners rely on the power of video to connect, inform, educate, and entertain employees and clients.

Corporate AV Design

Enhance student's overall experience through improved collaboration, communication, safety, and entertainment.

Education AV Design

Keep patrons entertained and engaged with top quality video and other media content.

Entertainment AV Design

Courts, public safety, and military rely on video to effectively make decisions and maximize communication and information sharing.

Government AV Design
Restaurants & Bars

Many owners and managers say having great video systems in their restaurants and bars is as important as what’s on the menu

Restaurants & Bars AV Design
Sports Venues

Bring the fan experience to life with video for directions, sponsorship, game footage, safety messaging, and more.

Sports Venues AV Design

Ensure guests have a memorable travel experience at terminals and stations, or on trains, buses, motor coaches, ferries, and yachts with video.

Transportation AV Design

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