City emergency control room with an oversized video display at the front and several smaller video displays around the room (background)

Government Video Systems

Government AV Solutions

Courts, public safety, and military rely on video to effectively make decisions and maximize communication and information sharing.

The right video distribution solution allows for increased communication across multiple on-campus locations. Whether you are outfitting public chambers or an emergency operation center, video can inform staff and guests and allow immediate access to the resources needed to make critical decisions.

Video system design starts with room size, floor plan, and sight lines to calculate the number and sizes of screens. Then determine if consumer or pro grade, LED flat panel displays, LED direct view displays, or perhaps projectors are needed.

Finally, you must have reliable, high-quality video distribution and a way to manage it screen by screen.

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Is AV over IP the Solution?

Video distribution in government facilities may incorporate programming from multiple sources, including satellite or cable boxes, computers, cameras, and digital signage players.

Streaming may be a good choice for some uses, depending on available bandwidth, number of endpoints, and network infrastructure. Inadequate bandwidth can result in jittery video and slow internet speeds for some key business functions sharing the same network as video.

AV over IP can be expanded quickly by adding switches without disrupting the existing network, and because it is modular, it localizes system failures so they can be found and fixed faster.

Contemporary Research IPTV video distribution solutions are cost-effective, reliable, and scalable end-to-end, with control designed for integration.

Video Distribution Using RF

Distributing HDTV and television control over RF coax delivers high quality video and digital media content efficiently. AV over RF is affordable, reliable, scalable, easy to install and maintain, and it assures video quality over long distances.

Contemporary Research RF video distribution solutions are cost-effective, reliable, and scalable end-to-end, with control designed for integration.

Emergency control room with multiple work stations and video displays

Hybrid Video Distribution Systems

A hybrid approach of RF and IP technologies often is the best video distribution and control solution for corporate applications. Contemporary Research hardware and software is unmatched for this type solution.

A bank of computer monitors and video displays

Display Control

Many government and civic sites often choose Contemporary Research's display control software, Display Express or Display Express Lite, to control power on and off, channel selection, and volume for hundreds of displays throughout the venue with only a few finger taps on any device with a web browser.

Meeting room with tables and chairs and video displays and speakers around the room

HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoders

Contemporary Research HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoders were designed and developed for IP/RF convergence. These units create QAM digital cable channels or 8VSB air modulated channels as well as MPEG-TS IPTV streams. Contemporary Research IPTV encoders create MPEG-2 or H.264 IPTV streams from various video sources.

CR modulators and encoders include feature built-in scalers that ensure the whole image is displayed edge-to-edge. We also include dual-language SAP audio and Emergency Alert messaging capabilities.

IPTV Decoder/Controllers

Contemporary Research IPTV Decoder/Controllers provide integration-friendly IPTV decoding. They are compatible with unicast or multicast UDP and RTP IPTV streams and will accept MPEG-2 or H.264 single program or multiple program transport streams.

AV Tuners

The ATSC HDTV Tuner Series is available for commercial integration systems with projectors and professional displays without built-in TV tuners.

Case Study

Salt Lake City’s PSB Takes Public Safety To Next Level

In Salt Lake City (Utah), the AV used in the new Salt Lake City Public Safety Building (PSB) allows for an enhanced approach to emergency response.

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Salt Lake City Utah PSB