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IPTV Configuration Guide

This guide will provide instructions for the configuration and setup of a basic IPTV system using a QIP series IPTV encoder, a QIP-D, or QIP-DVX IPTV decoder/controller, or IP-SDI 4i decoder. The devices will be connected to one managed network switch. This simple IPTV system will have two source channels available to a single decoder for viewing. The system may be easily expanded. Encoders may be added to provide additional source channels. Decoders may be added to accommodate more viewing locations.

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Horse drawn carriage with av over ip October 25th, 2019

4 Things to Consider When Making the Move to AV Over IP

Modern technology is innovating our world more rapidly than ever before. While this technological revolution has resulted in both better products and outcomes, on the downside, it’s also created a lot of noise and confusion. These days, clarity and simplification are seen as a benefit, especially in technical industries.

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