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We Ask ChatGPT, "Is Video Over RF Coax Still Relevant?"

AV techs have a deep understanding of switching video sources over Cat5 cable and Ethernet technology in commercial applications. Less so for creating video streaming systems over RF. Does that mean that RF over coax is no longer relevant? We asked ChatGPT.

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04.06_Contemporary Research_Mike Rufail_41294_Graphic.png April 12th, 2022

Contemporary Research: The META for AV in E-Sports

The esports industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years and, according to Statista, it’s anticipated that there will be 286M esports enthusiasts in 2024. That’s up from the 197M accounted for in 2019. Contemporary Research’s podcast host Gabrielle Bejarano spoke with Mike Rufail, Founder and CGO at Envy Gaming about how the Pro AV industry influences esports.

Promo (8).png March 22nd, 2022

Understanding AV over IP Network Security

In this episode of Video Vices, Tyler Kern speaks with two global experts in the AV industry regarding security issues when utilizing AV over IP.

Contemporary-Research_PodcastGraphic_OnePerson.jpg January 19th, 2022

Video Vices: Navigating the Supply Chain and Chip Shortages

Supply chain issues and chip shortages have been quite a pain for many businesses and consumers the past two years. Sameera Butt, Director of Operations for Contemporary Research, joined Host Tyler Kern to discuss the consequences of the shortages and what lies in store for the future.

Distribution Duel banner November 22nd, 2021

Video Vices: Distribution Duel

The game show will test teams’ knowledge on the key differences and advantages in AV over IP and AV over RF. Will they know the top industries of video distribution or who has the largest CR system integration projects? Tune in to find out who will claim distribution dominance and learn more about Contemporary Research’s American-made video distribution and display control solutions!

Contemporary Research_Paul,Craig_Podcast (1).jpg October 11th, 2021

Video Vices: Decoding AV over IP Video Distribution

Many changes occurred during the pandemic as businesses pivoted to adapt. One of the primary industry trends accelerated by the pandemic is the adoption of AV over IP solutions. General use cases for audiovisual displays and collaborative videoconferencing and content broadcasting were all pushed to embrace AV over IP as a standard, creating a singular environment for crafting investment and use strategies.

Contemporary Research_Scott,Dan_Podcast Highlights August 24th, 2021

Video Vices: Untangling the Coax Cable—The Advantages of AV Distribution Over RF

Deploying AV over RF often is a choice for locations that have coaxial cabling already in place. For a further understanding of the advantages of AV over RF, Video Vices tapped Scott Hetzler, President & Chief Engineer at Contemporary Research, and Dan Muckle, President of Muckle Sales, to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Bringing people Back Tech Talk blog cover July 6th, 2021

SCN Tech Talk: Bringing People Back

After a long time apart, people are beginning to get back to work, back to school, and back to the places where they used to gather. In this SCN Tech Talk, AVNation’s Tim Albright speaks with Contemporary Research’s Sara Krybus and Nelson Solares about the various ways video distribution can help provide comfort and safety as we welcome people back to these much-missed spaces.

San Antonio Rodeo blog cover barrel racing June 30th, 2021

Grace Under Pressure

There are many stories of resolve and creativity in pandemic, and many instances where the usual platitudes-innovate, be bold, take risks, make a leap of faith -- actually did apply. The example in this story brings together a manufacturer, an integrator, a venue, a marquee event, and their advertisers in the interdependent way that can happen in AV. What started as high-stakes improvisation became an unexpected opportunity for everyone.

AV Network higher Ed Blog Cover June 1st, 2021

AVNetwork Podcast: Future Infrastructure for Higher Education

A panel discussion on how education’s infrastructure had to change to accommodate the past year, and what it needs to become moving forward.

Unmasking ATSC 3.0 April 28th, 2021

Unmasking ATSC 3.0

Heard of ATSC 3.0, but have questions? Not sure if you are ready for ATSC 3.0? Know all about ASTC 3.0 and would like to hear more?

The Tuner Company with award stand and tuners January 14th, 2021

The Tuner Company

2021 is a landmark year for Contemporary Research (CR), marking the 25th year of manufacturing integration friendly controllable AV tuners.

Good Things Blog Cover January 5th, 2021

Good Things Come in Small Packages

When it comes to integrating video projectors and displays, having great tools to tune is critical. Luckily, at Contemporary Research, professional HDTV tuners are a specialty.

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