We Ask ChatGPT, "Is Video Over RF Coax Still Relevant?"

by Doug Engstrom
February 7th, 2023 in Support Guides, Solutions


Contemporary Research technology distributes video over both RF coax and IP networks. We’re always researching the status of both platforms. However, objective viewpoints can be hard to find. IT experts insist IP is everything, but tend to dither when asked to run video over their network. AV designers have more experience with Cat5 and Ethernet than RF (the CTS exam has one question on RF).

Who can give us a more informed, rational review of the role of RF coax solutions? Then we heard about ChatGPT, a massive AI that can pull data from thousands of resources to reason an intelligent report.

So we asked ChatGPT:

Prompt: Benefit of distributing video streams as RF channels over coax cable

Response: Distributing video streams as RF (Radio Frequency) channels over coax cable has several benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other forms of video distribution such as fiber optic cable or Wi-Fi, using coax cable is relatively inexpensive.
  • Long-Range Signal Transmission: RF signals can be transmitted over long distances using coax cable, making it ideal for large-scale video distribution.
  • Reliable Signal Quality: RF signals over coax cable are less susceptible to interference compared to other forms of signal transmission, resulting in a clearer and more stable video stream.
  • Multiple Channel Capability: RF signals can be multiplexed, allowing multiple video streams to be transmitted over a single cable, which can be useful in residential or commercial settings where multiple channels are required.
  • Compatibility: RF signals are widely compatible with existing coax cable, and a range of devices including televisions and set-top boxes, making it easy for viewers to access video content.

Overall, the use of coax cable for video distribution provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for delivering multiple high-quality video streams to different locations.

ChatGPT Jan 30 Version (https://help.openai.com/en/articles/6825453-chatgpt-release-notes). Free Research Preview. Our goal is to make AI systems more natural and safe to interact with. Your feedback will help us improve.

Wow! We kind of expected the IP-extensive brain to ignore an RF question (like an IT manager). But it answered correctly. Video over RF is inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, carries many simultaneous streams, and be accessed by any TV.

Who knew? ChatGPT knew. Now you know. Despite all the advances in Ethernet technology, RF over coax is still relevant today, for sports venues, entertainment centers, commercial facilities and worship centers. In addition, the same coax cable can carry facility-wide TV control.

If you have a question about using video over coax, or IPTV for your facility, call us. We can chat!

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