Testing 232-ATSC series UDP Control

by Doug Engstrom
January 18th, 2018 in Product Tips

In addition to IP Telnet control, the 232-ATSC 4K, 232-ATSC 4, 232-ATSC+1, ATSC-SDI and ATSC-SDI 4 HDTV tuners offer bi-directional UDP control. Two-way UDP operation was added to both tuners with S37 firmware 2.08 (but should be updated to V 2.16 or higher). If your firmware is older, you may update using CR Toolbox or reach out to our technical support team for updated firmware files.

The same commands used for RS-232 and Telnet can be sent over via UDP to the tuner’s IP port 31931 (fixed) with status feedback on port 31932. Port 31932 is disabled by default, send “>UO” command (UF turns UDP status feedback off), or set with front-panel menu.

  • UDP status will always be sent when the action was triggered by a UDP command
  • If the command was sent via RS-232 or Telnet, not all UDP status strings will be sent. For example, sending >ID or >IP will only provide status if the request was sent via UDP.
  • With S37 firmware V2.16 and above, UPD Reply will not turn off if DC power is lost.

Here's how to set up and test UDP control:

Go to simplecomtools.com and download the UDP Test Tool, a free app.

UDP-Test Screen Shot

  • In the Remote section, enter the IP address of the tuner and port 31931. Click the Carriage Return option.
  • Enter the command >EO and click Send. This enables UDP status feedback from the tuner. A >UF command turns of UDP status messages.
  • In the Host section, enter UDP port 31932 and click Bind. This links UDP status to your PC.
  • Now you can send UDP commands to the tuner and monitor status feedback.