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Type: Software Tools
Part Number: CR Toolbox
Size: 0.000 wide x 0.000 high x 0.000 deep
Weight: 0.000
Released: October 2018

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More about Software Tools

Contemporary Research offers free software tools that allow users to maintain, monitor, and update many of their CR products.

About CR Toolbox

CR Toolbox is a PC application designed for Contemporary Research products that can be connected over IP or USB.

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Full Description & Specifications

CR Toolbox was designed for Contemporary Research products that can be connected over IP or USB. CR Toolbox is Windows based, compatible with versions XP SP3 through Windows 11.   

When launched, it will automatically search for connected Contemporary Research devices over IP, presenting all found units in a list. Users can click a specific device to view its internal Web page. The app can also update firmware for individual, selected, or all devices. Currently, the supported products for discovery and firmware updating include QMOD HDTV RF Modulator-IPTV Encoders, QIP IPTV Encoders, and the ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center.

Tip: ATSC+1 and ATSC 4 series tuners can be found over IP, and CR Toolbox will download the latest Firmware Pack that can be used to update the tuners separately from CR Toolbox.

Last Modified: 10/12/2018

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