QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controller

Type: IPTV Decoders , TV and Display Control
Part Number: 5116-001
Size: 7.250 wide x 1.150 high x 3.600 deep
Weight: 0.820
Distribution: AV over IP
Released: June 2019

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QIP-DVX Data Sheet
QIP-DVX Product Manual
CR Toolbox 4.4.4
QP-D Viewer 2.0.1

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More about IPTV Decoders

An IPTV decoder is an electronic circuit that decodes digital video and audio from a video encoder and converts the stream to uncompressed formats compatible with traditional television and video displays.

About QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controller

Contemporary Research’s latest IPTV decoder with incorporated display control, the QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controller offers display control functionality through RS-232 or IR.

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Full Description & Specifications

Contemporary Research’s latest IPTV decoder with incorporated display control, the QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controller offers display control functionality through RS-232 or IR. The unit is part of a family of products from Contemporary Research that can be used to form an end-to-end IPTV distribution system with control.

The decoder is compatible with unicast or multicast UDP and RTP IPTV streams and will accept MPEG-2 or H.264 single program or multiple program transport streams. A channel list of programs is uploaded from a PC running CR Toolbox software. Channel selection, volume, and power may be controlled from the front panel buttons, handheld IR remote, or external control system.

The QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controller can receive commands from a Contemporary Research Display Control Center or Display Express software for channel selection, volume control, power, and display source selection. Power and source selection will be translated to the protocol required for the connected display and transmitted out the RS-232 or IR port.

  • HDMI selectable video output resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 4K or auto
  • HDMI embedded audio PCM-fixed or PCM-variable
  • S/PDIF optical audio PCM-fixed or PCM-variable
  • Analog stereo
  • Receives commands from Display Express software or a Contemporary Research Display Control Center over Ethernet for channel selection, volume, and display control
  • Channel list loaded or updatable from CR Toolbox
  • Channel selection by direct channel entry or channel up/down
  • Control via front panel, optional IR remote, web GUI, Display Express software or serial commands from ICE-HE- DXL or IP-DXL Display Control Centers
  • RS-232 or IR for display control
  • Setup via On-screen menu, web GUI, serial commands
  • Firmware updateable over Ethernet from CR Toolbox

Distribution: AV over IP

  • Size (HWD): 7.25” [184mm] wide (7.85” [200mm] including wings) x 1.150” [29mm] height x 3.6” [91mm] deep
  • Weight: 13 oz [369 g]
  • Enclosure: Aluminum with black powder coat paint Mounting: Hook-and-loop fasteners or screw attachment Power: PoE, 6W or 11 to 14 VDC at 0.5A max

  • Accepts UDP and RTP Ethernet streams
  • Decodes MPEG-2 or H.264 IPTV streams with MP1/2 or AAC audio
  • Supports single program or multiple program transport streams
  • Supports multiple audio programs
  • On board closed caption decoder supports EIA-608 and EIA-708 embedded closed captions

Front Panel:
  • IR: IR Sensor
  • Status: Red/green status LED
  • Control: Five button control

Back Panel:
  • Service: USB-A port (internal use)
  • HDMI: Type A, 4K/HD video and digital audio
  • S/PDIF: Optical digital audio output
  • Audio: 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • RS-232: 3.5 mm TRS jack for display control (T – Tx R – Rx S – GND)
  • IR Out: 3.5 mm TRS jack for display control (T – Signal R – N/C S – GND)
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 connector, 100 Mbps, PoE
  • I/O: 3.5 mm TRS jack (T – I/O1 R – I/O2 S – GND); Optional USB Power Sensor Cable
  • IR In: 3.5 mm TRS jack for optional external IR receiver or wired IR (T – +5V R – Signal S – GND)
  • 12 VDC: Optional power input
    • 2.1 mm coaxial jack (inside center conductor positive), 0.5 A max
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