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Products related to QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controller
QIP-D Front Veiw

TV and Display Control

Control systems are designed to simplify your AV technologies so the events and engagements that depend on them run effortlessly. Display Control allows users to centrally manage channel selection, volume, and power on and off of networked video displays.

IP-DXL Front View
IP-DXL Display Control Center

Contemporary Research’s IP-DXL Display Control Center is the newest product for display control over Ethernet, sending control commands as UDP broadcast data packets to all QIP-D and QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controllers on the network.

Display Express Software

Display Express offers all the benefits of Web-driven Ethernet control, while using the control wire that’s already there - the existing RF coaxial cable.

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Display Express Server with Software

The Display Express Server is a compact, 1RU rack-mount computer with Display Express software pre-installed, operating via Windows 10 Pro.

ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center
ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center

The ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center is an intelligent solution for through-the-coax RF display control, able to insert an RF command channel, sending data from Display Express software and custom control system, as well hosting embedded Display Express Lite Web control pages.