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Contemporary Research offers a variety of product accessories to necessitate or enhance the functionality of AV products.

PS12-1 200a.jpg
PS12-1.0 Power Supply

12VDC 1.0A Power Supply

PS18-3 Product Image
PS18-3 Power Supply

18VDC 3A Power Supply with 2 Pin Terminal

IR-RXC Product Image
IR-RXC External IR Receiver

The IR-RXC External IR Receiver extends IR reception for Contemporary Research ATSC Tuners.

PS12-1.5 Product Image
PS12-1.5 Power Supply

12VDC 1.5A Power Supply

PS12-8-4Y w 350.jpg
PS12-8-4Y Power Supply

12VDC 8A Power Supply with 4 Unit Y Cable

PS12-500 Product Image
PS12-500 Power Supply

12VDC 500mA Power Supply

CC-Com Cable Product Image
CC-COM B RS-232 Null Modem Cable

RS-232 Null Modem Cable

RF-AB Switch Product Image
RF-AB Switch

The Contemporary Research RF-AB RF Switch is a self-terminating remote controllable RF A/B switch.

RK1 Product Image
RK1 Rack Mount Kit

The RK1 Rack Mount Kit is the standard single unit rack mounting kit for most Contemporary Research products.

RK2EZ Product Image
RK2EZ Rack Mount Kit

The RK2EZ Rack Mount Kit is the standard dual unit side-by-side rack mounting kit for most Contemporary Research products.

CC-COM-3.5 Product Image
CC-COM 3.5 Null Modem Cable

Null modem RS-232 cable with DB9 Female to stereo 3.5mm mini plug.

CC-USB Cable
CC-USB Power Sensor Cable

The CC-USB power sense cable is a USB to 3.5mm TRS cable for use with the ICC1-IRX display controller or the QIP-DVX decoder/controller.

PS18-3 Product Image
PS24-2.5 Power Supply

24VDC 2.5A Power Supply

IR-RXD w 300.jpg
IR-RXD External IR Receiver

The IR-RXD External IR Receiver extends IR reception for Contemporary Research QIP IPTV Decoders.

QCP8 Front View
QCP8 Passive Combiner

Passive Combiner for up to eight RF sources, ideal for combining multiple 45dB out QMOD HDTV Modulators-IPTV Encoders.

HD2-RC w
HD2-RC IR Remote

The HD2-RC IR Wireless Remote for Contemporary Research ATSC Tuners and QIP IPTV Decoders delivers simplified, convenient IR control.

PS12-2.0 Product Image
PS12-2.0 Power Supply

12VDC 2A Power Supply

QCA9-33 Front View
QCA9-33 Active Combiner

The Contemporary Research QCA9-33, is an active RF combiner that features eight high-level inputs and one low-level input, combining with high isolation and amplifying up to a 33 dBmV output level.

qda4-45 Front View
QDA4-45 Distribution Amp Combiner

The Contemporary Research QDA4-45 is an amplified RF combiner that can switch between one or four inputs, with adjustable amplification up to 32 dB of gain.