IR-RXC External IR Receiver

Type: Accessories
Part Number: 5032-001
Size: 1.130 wide x 2.600 high x 4.950 deep
Weight: 0.200

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Contemporary Research offers a variety of product accessories to necessitate or enhance the functionality of AV products.

About IR-RXC External IR Receiver

The IR-RXC External IR Receiver extends IR reception for Contemporary Research ATSC Tuners.

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Full Description & Specifications

The IR-RXC External IR Receiver extends IR reception for Contemporary Research ATSC Tuners. Using the included swivel mount, the unit can mounting in any position and aimed for best reception. Powered by the external IR IN input on the tuner, the IR-RXC is switchable for sensing Contemporary Research high-frequency 57 KHz (default) and low-frequency 38 KHz IR, the IR-RXC can be mounted in any position.


  • Enclosure: All aluminum with durable black powder coat paint
  • Weight: 3 oz [85g]
  • Receiver: 1.13" [29mm] high x 2.35" [60mm] wide x 2.65" [67mm] deep
  • Bracket: 1.00" [25mm] high x 2.59" [66mm] wide x 2.95" [75mm] deep
  • Combined: 1.13" [29mm] high x 2.60" [66mm] wide x 4.95" [67mm] deep (typical)

  • IR Reception: Includes high-frequency (57 KHz) or low-frequency (38 KHz) sensors, selected by DIP switch DIP Switch: 4-position switch selects IR operating modes
  • Status LED: Red LED indicates IR code reception
  • IR Out: 3.5mm jack to connect IR signal and power to an iC controller or tuner
  • Power: 10.5-16 VDC (12 typical), 10 mA typical, 25 mA max, powered by iC controller or tuner
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