RK1 Rack Mount Kit

Type: Accessories
Part Number: 001-5008-001
Size: 0.000 wide x 0.000 high x 0.000 deep
Weight: 0.500

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RK1 Installation Guide

  • RK1 Product Image
  • RK1 long and short rack ear images

More about Accessories

Contemporary Research offers a variety of product accessories to necessitate or enhance the functionality of AV products.

About RK1 Rack Mount Kit

The RK1 Rack Mount Kit is the standard single unit rack mounting kit for most Contemporary Research products.

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Full Description & Specifications

The RK1 Single Rack Kit is the standard rack kit for most Contemporary Research products (ATSC Tuners, QMODs, QIP Encoders, and Amplifiers & Combiners) that use the 1.75" H by 8.5" enclosure. The kit consists of two parts:

  • Short mount attaches to the side of one enclosure
  • Long mount attaches to the ofther side of the enclosure

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