Video Vices: The Importance of Emergency Alert Messaging Systems

by Sara Krybus
January 13th, 2020 in Solutions

Contemporary Research Direct of Sales and Marketing Sara Krybus and Paul Briggs,CTS, AV Product Support Manager, joined host Tyler Kern on this episode of the Video Vices podcast to remind businesses of the importance of their system’s emergency alert messaging capabilities.

“Whether a venue has two or 200,000 people, it is important that they are thinking about by what means they are communicating how to get to safety or what to do in an emergency,” Krybus mentioned.

Emergencies in businesses take many forms, and alert readiness is a fundamental component of the planning process. “A video alert messaging system is a great way to grab people’s attention in an emergency,” Briggs said.

Contemporary Research’s A/V products interface with existing equipment for ease of triggering and ending alerts. The system can also turn on video displays during an emergency and shut them back off once the emergency is over.

Krybus listed several examples of situations where video alert systems prove useful in emergencies, including stadiums, arenas, K-12 and higher education.
“an interesting project we were a part of, manufacturing distribution centers have a lot of employees around very noisy machines, and video is how they communicate with those employees,” she said.


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