Daisy-Chain RS-232? Control 232-ATSC series tuners with IP switch

by Doug Engstrom
September 22nd, 2016 in Product Tips

Image of ATSC tuners with IP Chain

For years, integrators have controlled up to 9 232-ATSC series tuners from one RS-232 using a "daisy-chain" RS-232 cable. It's an effective solution, but the cable can be complex to wire - and if one tuner must be removed, the chain is broken. However, the previous 232-ATSC+1 and current 232-ATSC 4 tuners also support IP control.

Now that AMX, Crestron and others can define virtual IP ports, you can control an unlimited number of tuners and other IP controlled devices without the limits of daisy-chain control. Setup and control is simple and economical.

Start with a TPLink 16-port TL-SF1016 Rackmount Switch ($44 MSRP), which includes a rackmount kit. This creates a private IP control network that is unaffected by the site's network performance. Other brand IP switches are available, this is just one example.

  • Set the controller and tuners to static IP ports in the same group, (i.e.,, and so on)
  • Connect the controller to one IP port, and tuners to remaining ports
  • Set your virtual RS-232 ports to match the tuners

That's it. You can control up to 15 IP devices with this setup; 23 devices with the 24-port model, and expand to more as needed.