ICC1-IRX Display Controller

Type: TV and Display Control
Part Number: 5101-001
Size: 5.500 wide x 1.100 high x 3.400 deep
Weight: 0.500
Distribution: AV over RF
Released: June 2015

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Display Express Specification Sheet
ICC1-IRX Product Manual
TV Device Spreadsheet - Single Zone
TV Device Spreadsheet - Multi-Zone

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More about TV and Display Control

Control systems are designed to simplify your AV technologies so the events and engagements that depend on them run effortlessly. Display Control allows users to centrally manage channel selection, volume, and power on and off of networked video displays.

About ICC1-IRX Display Controller

The ICC1-IRX IR Display Controller delivers economical 1-way control for TV power, volume, and channels, receiving iCC-Net network commands over the same broadband coax that carries the CATV channels.

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Full Description & Specifications

The new ICC1-IRX IR Display Controller delivers economical 1-way control for TV power, volume, and channels, receiving iCC-Net network commands over the same broadband coax that carries the CATV channels. Compact in size and price, the ICC1-IRX now features power current sensing using the optional CSM1 sensor from Xantech.

Controls most brands of IR-controlled TVs

  • Manages channel access by changing the TV’s internal available channel list
  • Delivers absolute power control using the Xantech CSM1 power current sensor
  • Networks up to 4,000 TVs through the ICE-HE Ethernet Head-End
  • Receives 1-way individual and zone commands from a single RS-232 port on the ICE-HE-DXL
  • Operates over same RF coax cable as CATV channels
  • Exclusive SmartZone architecture controls hundreds of controllers with a single command
  • Low-loss internal RF tap saves amplification and installation costs
  • Provides LED feedback for network, IR control, and power status
  • Restores all power and channel status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Mounts on the back of the TV for simplified control and RF installation
  • Operates with Contemporary Research Display Express software as well as from RS-232 protocol from a custom-programmed PC or control system
  • Senses power status from optional USB to 3.5mm Power Sensor cable

Distribution: AV over RF

  • Size: 5.5" [140mm] wide x 1.1" [28mm] high x 3.4" [86mm] deep
  • Weight: 8 oz [226g]
  • Enclosure: All aluminum with durable black powder coat paint
  • Mounting: Mounts at rear of TV

Front Panel:
  • RF In: 'F', female, 75 ohm impedance, RF from CATV system, iCC-Net control
  • RF Out: ‘F', female, 75 ohm impedance, RF to TV
    • Low-loss internal tap - less than 1.5 dB loss
  • Net LED: Green LED for iC-Net bus and DC power, flashes once per second if active
  • IR Out: 3.5mm jack for CC-IRE IR Emitter cable
  • Supports carrier frequencies up to 62 KHz
  • IR Out LED: Red LED lights when sending IR commands
  • Power Sensor: Tip+:3.5mm jack for 5V logic-level input
    • CSM: Current Sensing Monitor - 3.5mm jack for 3.5mm to Type A USB power sensing cable, 5-12 VDC
    • LED: Red LED lights when sensor indicates power on
  • Power In: 2.1mm coaxial jack (inside center conductor positive), 75 mA maximum
    • 11.5 to 16.5 VDC, 12 VDC typical (may be unregulated)
  • DIP Switches S1 and S2: Located on bottom of unit, sets IR code operation and device number

  • Operation: 1-way control, carried over the same RF coax connection as TV channels
  • Data Receive: Mid-band VHF, 74.7MHz, sent from IC Head-End Network Controller , -25 to +35 dBmV signal level

  • 5400-001, PS12-500 Power Supply
  • 5062-003, RF "Loop Thru" Cable
  • Mounting Kit
  • 5033-001, IR Emitter
CC-USB Cable

CC-USB Power Sensor Cable

The CC-USB power sense cable is a USB to 3.5mm TRS cable for use with the ICC1-IRX display controller or the QIP-DVX decoder/controller.