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Products related to QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controller
QIP-D Front Veiw


Contemporary Research offers a variety of product accessories to necessitate or enhance the functionality of AV products.

HD2-RC w
HD2-RC IR Remote

The HD2-RC IR Wireless Remote for Contemporary Research ATSC Tuners and QIP IPTV Decoders delivers simplified, convenient IR control.

IR-RXD w 300.jpg
IR-RXD External IR Receiver

The IR-RXD External IR Receiver extends IR reception for Contemporary Research QIP IPTV Decoders.

CC-COM-3.5 Product Image
CC-COM 3.5 Null Modem Cable

Null modem RS-232 cable with DB9 Female to stereo 3.5mm mini plug.

CC-Com Cable Product Image
CC-COM B RS-232 Null Modem Cable

RS-232 Null Modem Cable

PS12-1 200a.jpg
PS12-1.0 Power Supply

12VDC 1.0A Power Supply

CC-USB Cable
CC-USB Power Sensor Cable

The CC-USB power sense cable is a USB to 3.5mm TRS cable for use with the ICC1-IRX display controller or the QIP-DVX decoder/controller.