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Hybrid AV Distribution Solutions

What is a Hybrid AV Solution?

A hybrid AV distribution network utilizes both RF coaxial and category cabling. This is a preferred approach for venues that would like to leverage existing coax infrastructure while expanding the network to include IPTV capabilities.

Sites as diverse as entertainment venues, arenas, stadiums, casinos, corporate, houses of worship and civic buildings find hybrid AV networks to be a cost effective and efficient means of migration

System Design Considerations

System design depends on several factors, including:

  • Number of locations/screens to be served
  • Distances involved
  • Expansion plans
  • Any existing infrastructure that may be utilized
Hybrid Systems video card

Advantages of Hybrid Video Distribution

Digital RF and IPTV

Digital RF and IPTV are closely related: each uses encoders to create digital MPEG programs. The key difference is that the MPEG programs are carried as a channel in RF and as an IP stream over Ethernet.

Utilizing RF and IP in video distribution offers these advantages:
  • Affordability – lower installation costs, as additions are only made where necessary instead of replacing an entire infrastructure
  • Highly scalable – RF networks can start small and expand to hundreds of channels and TVs at any time. While IP networks can be expanded quickly by adding switches
  • Flexibility – add IPTV infrastructure only where needed
  • Customization - Utilizes the best of each technology, allowing users to piece together what works for their infrastructure

Hybrid RF and IP Solutions

Contemporary Research delivers cost-effective, reliable, and scalable end-to-end RF and IPTV video distribution solutions with control designed for integration.

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HDTV Modulators and IPTV Encoders

Contemporary Research’s HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoders were designed and developed for IP/RF convergence in hybrid video distribution networks. Units create QAM digital cable channels or 8VSB air modulated channels as well as MPEG-TS IPTV streams. Contemporary Research IPTV encoders create MPEG-2 or H.264 IPTV streams from various video sources.

CR modulators and encoders include robust features such as built in scalers for edge-to-edge presentation, dual-language SAP audio, and Emergency Alert messaging capabilities.



The QMOD-SDI HDMI is a professional dual-channel frequency-agile RF Modulator/Encoder ideal for distributing live video from SDI and HDMI sources as well as digital signage content from media players or PCs.

QMOD-YPB 2 Front View

QMOD-YPB 2 HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoder

The QMOD-YPB 2 is a professional dual-channel frequency-agile RF Modulator / Encoder for distributing HD video content over CATV systems to an unlimited number of televisions or standalone HDTV Tuners.

qda4-45 Front View

QDA4-45 Distribution Amp Combiner

The Contemporary Research QDA4-45 is an amplified RF combiner that can switch between one or four inputs, with adjustable amplification up to 32 dB of gain.

HDTV Tuners, IPTV Decoders, and Display Controllers

CR’s IPTV decoder/controllers provide integration-friendly IPTV decoding with built in display control. They are compatible with unicast or multicast UDP and RTP IPTV streams and will accept MPEG-2 or H.264 single program or multiple program transport streams.

The ATSC HDTV tuner series is available for commercial integration systems with projectors and professional displays without built-in TV tuners. These tuners can receive ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM formats and are compatible with digital channels encoded in MPEG-2/H.264.

The HD video outputs can be set for native resolution or scaled up to 2160p. All tuner functions can be controlled with infrared and 2-way RS-232/IP Telnet. Tuner/controllers provide all the features of a tuner with the ability to pass control commands to the display devices for power on/off and source selection.

The ICC1 series of display controllers are integration friendly and offer 1-way control for power, volume, and channel selection. They are compatible with most brands of IR or RS-232 controlled TVs, displays, or projectors and with Contemporary Research's Display Express software or other custom programmed control systems.

ATSC-mini Front View

ATSC-mini HDTV Tuner

The ATSC-mini is an HDTV Tuner designed for use with HD and UHD video displays and projectors in a distributed CATV system. Housed in a new, smaller low-profile enclosure, the unit with built in mounting wings can be attached flush to walls or displays.

ATSC-SDI-4i Tuner Front  View


The ATSC-SDI 4i HDTV Tuner, the 3rd-generation SDI tuner from Contemporary Research, adds new capabilities to the industry-standard ATSC series tuners with SDI.

232-ATSC 4K

232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner

The 232-ATSC 4K HDTV Tuner, the 5th-generation ATSC HDTV tuner from Contemporary Research, adds new capabilities to the industry-standard ATSC series.

Display Express Control Systems

Contemporary Research’s Display Express software makes it easy to create an integrated control system for hundreds or even thousands of video display screens at sites as diverse schools, houses of worship, casinos, arenas, and stadiums.

The Contemporary Research audio/visual over internet protocol (AV over IP) display control solution allows users to easily set up and deploy push-button display control from any web-enabled device to manage more than 4,000 screens and up to 250 channels.

DX Rack Corner 500.jpg

Display Express Server with Software

The Display Express Server is a compact, 1RU rack-mount computer with Display Express software pre-installed, operating via Windows 10 Pro.

ICC1-TC Front View

ICC1-TC Tuner/Controller

The ICC1-TC Tuner/Controller, replaces the ICC2-ATSC 4S, and boasts amazing adaptability with incredible features that allow users to get the most out of this compact tuner/controller

ICC1-IRX Product Image

ICC1-IRX Display Controller

The ICC1-IRX IR Display Controller delivers economical 1-way control for TV power, volume, and channels, receiving iCC-Net network commands over the same broadband coax that carries the CATV channels.

Case Study

An Epic AV Experience

When facilities want to inspire and engage audiences, they often turn to video with LED screens and interactive displays. However, this can be complex with many moving parts. Finding the right products and equipment that work together is quite the undertaking. The Epic––a 120,000-square-foot recreation center in Grand Prairie, TX––was facing such challenges.

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