Stay in the Game with Video

August 5th, 2019 in Solutions

Every week, millions of fans experience their favorite sport’s greatest moments at major sports venues. Though the live action on the field is why fans attend; high-performance sound, direct-view LED walls, digital signage, and high-end video production all contribute to producing a memorable experience for die-hard sports enthusiasts. But AV technology is more than electronics and software—it’s a powerful, engaging medium that seamlessly transports fans to the middle of the action.

Sports is a Major Industry, and Sporting Venues Make Up a Huge Portion of the Business

Those who design and manage sports and entertainment facilities around the globe understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that keeps fans excited, engaged and, of course, spending more money. According to a recent study by, fans spend $56 billion annually to attend sporting events, including the cost of tickets, transportation, souvenirs, food, and drinks. However, the increasing cost and time commitment of visiting sports venues have contributed to stagnated or slightly decreased stadium attendance across many leagues in recent years. In addition, venues find themselves competing with improved home viewing options powered by better camera angles, the growth of AR/VR, and multiplatform multimedia experiences.

In today’s competitive environment, if you build it, they may not necessarily come. Stadiums need to invest in the differentiators that will draw in new generations of fans to increase ticket sales and in-stadium purchases.

To Compete with Home Viewing, Sports Venues Need to Expand their AV Capabilities

To create a memorable fan experience, stadiums must upgrade their TVs, add more screens, and incorporate video walls. By distributing sports programming throughout a stadium, these sites have the means to increase food and beverage sales by keeping customers happy and engaged while they’re waiting in long concession lines, with marketing messages that can be tailored to the specific audience and changed at a moment’s notice. Digital signage can be used to communicate basic information, such as the location of bathrooms and exits; but it can also create new sources of revenue by featuring paid marketing messages from advertisers. In fact, switching to digital signage allowed the Pittsburgh Penguins to achieve a 300% increase in concourse advertising and sponsorship revenue, while the Denver Broncos increased their concourse signage revenue by 50%.

CR Provides Stadiums and Arenas with Outstanding RF and IP Video Distribution Solutions

Delivering content dependably to a multitude of screens and devices in a vast venue requires robust video distribution solutions like those provided by Contemporary Research (CR). CR’s video distribution systems are both cost-effective and scalable, allowing for effortless, efficient video delivery, management, and maintenance.

RF video distribution is simple and reliable, easily maintained, works best over long distances, and is relatively inexpensive since it delivers multiple high-quality HD video channels to numerous displays by taking advantage of the existing RF coaxial cable already present in many arenas and stadiums. However, with hundreds, if not thousands, of TVs to command in suites, hallways, bars, restaurants, and back of house areas, the addition of CR’s TV control solution offers maximized manageability, with the flexibility to add new displays and channels easily. CR’s TV control system, Display Express, saves staff time and money by allowing users to turn all the screens on and off, control channel and volume, as well as scheduling and locking down displays so they can't be changed. Contemporary Research products such as QMOD HDTV Modulators-IPTV Encoders and ATSC HDTV Tuners offer sports venues a superior, affordable video solution.

Contemporary Research also offers IPTV distribution and TV control solutions that deliver high-quality video over Ethernet. AV over IP solutions from CR deliver the reliability and scalability of traditional systems for video distribution that are also cost effective, offer increased functionality, and improved signal quality. CR's QIP IPTV Encoders and QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controllers provide a complete end to end solution.

For over 25 years, Contemporary Research Corporation has designed and manufactured intelligent, yet simple solutions for system integration that set the standard for the AV industry. All CR products are built in the USA, backed by unparalleled customer support and product warranty. To find out more, contact us today.