Benefits of AV Over IP

April 12th, 2019 in Solutions

IT and AV are collaborating, moving toward a more advanced, faster, and less expensive way to deliver video content. AV over IP offers significant benefits for AV system integrators and end users. Compared to traditional systems for video distribution, AV over IP systems are more cost effective, offering increased functionality and improved signal quality.

  • Power over Ethernet (POE) - Electricity can be supplied to devices in
    remote locations where a receptacle isn’t available. Since devices utilize
    POE, the need for installing additional outlets is reduced, saving labor costs.
  • Increased Data Transmission - Ethernet cables are capable of handling
    large amounts of data. This resulting in significantly faster communication speeds. By using Ethernet, all devices on a single network can be integrated with advanced functionality. (However, this depends on the capabilities of the specific device.)
  • Centralized Management of IP Control - IP display control uses a web-based
    interface to power displays on/off, change the channel, increase/decrease
    the volume, or access a number of other features, all via an external control system. Armed with an internet-ready smartphone, tablet or PC, users can control their entire digital network from any location using only a few finger taps.
  • Simplified Cabling - A single Ethernet cable can now be used to power devices, send audio and video, and control a device. By only running one cable instead of
    multiple cables, there are significant savings in materials, labor and maintenance. Also, the IP connectors used to terminate these cables cost less and are
    easier to terminate than previous types of cabling.
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