Communicating on Campus- Why Video is a Necessity

February 14th, 2019 in Solutions

Numerous college and university campuses are utilizing digital signage to communicate and educate students. With advances in technology, universities are adding more televisions and displays throughout their campus to communicate with students on current and upcoming events and to enhance their classroom engagement. What are some of the benefits of using digital signage throughout a campus and what additional features can it offer that will save time and money?

The size of a campus varies from college to university. No matter the size or location of buildings, a digital signage solution allows the same message to be communicated to every location, simultaneously, allowing all students and faculty to receive the same information in real-time. Developing and activating an Emergency Alert System (EAS), through a video distribution system that distributes a digital signage channel, is easy to enable and can quickly allow for critical messaging to every building and display. Digital signage can also serve as a campus navigation system, offering new or prospective students and family members guidance to important areas on campus, enhancing their on-campus experience. In addition to a digital signage channel, university's can tune off-air or cable channels and distribute through a video distribution system, allowing teachers and professors to increase engagement through dynamic video in the classroom with virtual field-trips, current events, and live broadcasts.

The added ability of display control in a video distribution solution is not always viewed as necessary, but if affordable, the benefits are quickly realized. The ability to control power, volume, and channels from a smart device or PC 24/7 is critical. Having the resources to manage a large system is often why users are cautious to add a large signage system. With display control, one person can manage more than 500 TV's easily.

So how can you find a digital signage, off-air and cable channel, emergency alert and display control system that includes control? Contemporary Research offers a IP, RF, or hybrid solutions that includes it all at an affordable price. Contemporary Research offers IPTV Decoder/Controllers, IPTV Encoders, RF Modulators/IP Encoders, Display Controllers and RF HDTV Tuners with IP Streaming, that when paired together with Display Express software or other control software, provides a complete video distribution solution.

Contact us about adding a digital signage solution with control and emergency alert capabilities to your campus. Click here to learn more about Contemporary Research education solutions.