Simple is Good: Coaxial Cable Is Here to Stay

May 30th, 2017 in Solutions

There’s nothing quite like the classics. While there have been recent advances in the use of multimode optical fiber and Category 6 structured wiring, the coaxial cable, or “coax,” is still unmatched for its ease of use, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With virtually no limitation on the distance it can cover, or in its ability to display high quality videos on hundreds of channels at once, coax allows organizations to adapt their AV capabilities to their exact needs.

“It’s just simple and solid, and sometimes simple is better,” says Natalie Cappello, VP of Engineering at Contemporary Research. She’s right – simplicity is key. There are already thousands of coax cables across North America, meaning installation may already be completed in your building.

Contemporary Research has provided installations to universities, military facilities, stadiums and more, all of which require mission critical, 24/7 service. Coax has served all of these customers well, requiring little, if any, maintenance. It consistently delivers quality video no matter the size or scale of the system. Watch below for even more reasons why coaxial cable should be your top choice for all of your AV display needs.

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