Contemporary Research Utilizes Coax Optimal Performance Cost Effectiveness

December 29th, 2016 in Solutions

Coax cable is still widely used in a variety of RF applications. From mini sizes in two-way radios to rigid hardline and waveguides for high-power microwave transmitters, coax remains relevant. In fact, coax technology is evolving and still useful for more than just single-channel applications. Recent digital innovations have improved coax cables, increasing the popularity of this multi-faceted tool.

RF coax is an easily-installed and cost-effective control option for long-distance delivery of HD content. In fact, “Contemporary Research created the Display Express Software, Headend Controller, and RS-232 or IR Display Controllers to give integrators that option,” says Matthew Sittloh, Vice President of Sales at Contemporary Research.

For example, the recent large scale upgrade at Churchill Downs, a $14.5 million Grandstand Terrace and Rooftop Expansion project, required the implementation of a centralized monitoring and control. Given the expansive nature of additional second and third floor seating, dining, wagering, and restroom facilities, Compview, an AV integrator, decided to design and implement a coax network to build out the system in this major addition to a historic racetrack.

The previous coax system needed improvement. “Churchill Downs’ coax network was built without installing a master control system for all of the displays,” says Erin Shannon, Audio Video Designer at Compview. “This means you cannot address monitors from a central location to tune specific channels on an individual basis. You also have to manage their volume and other features manually right at the displays themselves. In a place with thousands of displays, this is a Herculean task!”

Compview rectified this problem in its design of the Grandstand Terrace and Rooftop Expansion project. To fully integrate the additional 69 outdoor LCD monitors, Compview installed a network of ICC1-232 Controllers and ICC2-ATSC+ Tuner/Controllers, all connected to single Headend Controller and Display Express Software and PC for centralized monitoring and control.

“Using the CR control system over the existing RF cabling infrastructure, all the rooftop displays are controllable through a single PC,” says Shannon. “The staff can turn them all off and on, and select channels. This can be done on all rooftop displays, a single display, or a group of displays.”

This system not only integrates all the controls seamlessly, but does it at a fraction of the cost of alternative non-coax systems. Delivering perfect long-distance HD quality with the potential to utilize existing cabling, Contemporary Research designs and implements HD control solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. If you are seeking a control option that maximizes reliability and minimizes cost, coax is for you.

“Coaxial cable is still alive and kicking, and a long ways from retirement. It can coexist with optical fiber and structured wire, has plenty of bandwidth and channel capacity, is easy to terminate, comes in different sizes, can be run outside and even buried, and multiplexes AC and DC signals with ease,” says Sittloh. “There’s nothing more reliable than coax.”

Contemporary Research has established itself as an industry leader with a history of pushing boundaries toward innovative AV solutions. To answer the demand for a performance two-way relationship between TV tuners and control systems, Contemporary Research delivered the 232-Series AV Tuners. With an eye toward ongoing development, Contemporary Research turns to the proven reliability of coax cable. Ready to learn more about our team, services, and successful partnerships? Contact Us Today!

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