Modulating Success

November 29th, 2016 in Solutions

The professionals at Contemporary Research understand that complacency quickly leads to failure. It’s not enough to simply accept our previous successes. So, we continually challenge ourselves toward improvement. The praise we receive won’t make us lazy, though; innovation remains our goal. This dedicated approach in part led to our latest line of QMOD HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoders.

These encoders not only have built-in hardware scaling and RTP streaming, but they also contain unprecedented latency levels as low as 500 milliseconds. Regarding media displays, a good modulator can be the lynch-pin that holds your entire AV operation together. It is the basis for transmitting the information you need. In fact, digital signage is a fast-growing part of modern AV. Thanks to our product upgrades, this next generation of QMOD HD Modulators has set a new standard for media displays everywhere, from sports arenas to your local furniture store.

For example, the BNP Parabis Open is held at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. As the second largest tennis stadium in the world, the quality of the AV system is critical to ensuring a successful annual event. When the stadium’s Director of Technical Services, Dave Sahl, decided to overhaul the AV system to keep up with a new stadium expansion, he knew he could rely on Contemporary Research for the connection he needed.

With the addition of our QMOD YPB 2 HGTV modulators, Sahl added over one hundred flatscreens to the grounds and built an internal HD cable network with nineteen custom HD Channels, all of which our system supplied with modulated signal. Furthermore, our dual hardware scalers can accept 1080p content and provide edge-to-edge presentation for all manner of digital signage. While Sahl certainly had a lot on his plate with the upgrades, our modulators made his work a whole lot easier.

Sahl’s situation is not unique. In various locations, everywhere from Florida to California, Contemporary Research’s state of the art modulators allow efficient content and streaming distribution, with no disruption. In Jacksonville, the Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille restaurants use our HD video-routing to maintain their outstanding atmosphere. In Los Angeles, our technology integrates video from helicopters, security, traffic and more at the LA Emergency Operation Center. Nationally, our American-made products are helping businesses run smoothly and professionally.

Whether you’re a large company with extensive AV needs like ABC Studios, or a local shop who wants to use digital signage to modernize his business with cutting-edge technology, we work hard to bring you products to achieve your goals and meet your needs on your timeline.

QMOD-YPB 2 Front View

QMOD-YPB 2 HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoder

The QMOD-YPB 2 is a professional dual-channel frequency-agile RF Modulator / Encoder for distributing HD video content over CATV systems to an unlimited number of televisions or standalone HDTV Tuners.

qda4-45 Front View

QDA4-45 Distribution Amp Combiner

The Contemporary Research QDA4-45 is an amplified RF combiner that can switch between one or four inputs, with adjustable amplification up to 32 dB of gain.

QMOD-HDMI 2 Front View

QMOD-HDMI 2 HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoder

The dual-channel QMOD-HDMI 2, with two HDMI inputs, offers a new option for digital signage encoding and video distribution over CATV system.