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Dougs Digest Banner May 31st, 2015

Doug’s Q-Tips – What’s the deal with Channels 2.1 and 2.2?

QAM cable channels have always had the ability to carry more than one program in each channel. When affordable QAM modulators for commercial applications were invented, such as our QMOD series, they could only deliver one program.

Dougs Digest Banner January 8th, 2015

Doug's Q-Tips - IPTV Streaming

It may surprise you that a digital QAM channel has always carried an MPEG-2/MPEG4 video stream. The only difference from Video over Ethernet is that the stream is carried over RF coax instead of category cable.

Dougs Digest Banner January 8th, 2015

Doug's Q-Tips - QMOD/QIP Web Pages and Menus

While the new QMOD and QIP encoders add a lot of new features and abilities, we've engineered the process to be a similar to previous QMOD setup as possible.

Dougs Digest Banner January 8th, 2015

Doug's Q-Tips - Next-Gen QMOD Scaling

Broadcast-quality modulators deliver great digital channels - but only if the video feed meets broadcast standards. Consumer modulator can accept less-than-perfect video, but the channel quality is far below broadcast standards.

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