CR Viewer

Type: Software Tools
Part Number: CR Viewer
Size: 0.000 wide x 0.000 high x 0.000 deep
Weight: 0.000
Released: June 2024

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CR Viewer 0.1.4

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More about Software Tools

Contemporary Research offers free software tools that allow users to maintain, monitor, and update many of their CR products.

About CR Viewer

Scans all CR IP-enabled products and displays complete status in an interactive list. Click on a product's Web cell to access internal web pages for control or setup.

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Full Description & Specifications

CR Viewer is a Windows app that can scan a network for all IP-enabled CR products and display as an interactive dataset. Features include:

  • Select product categories to include
  • Select columns to add to display or hide
  • Drag a column to shrink or expand
  • Move columns to rearrange the sequence
  • Select the top of the column to sort the table
  • Click Web cell to open the device's internal Web page
  • Text in bold can be edited right in the cell