Revolutionize School Visual Messaging with Lumalert

Oct. 12, 2023

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We understand that maintaining a safe and efficient learning environment is a top priority for educational institutions like yours. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Lumalert, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform visual messaging within your school. Lumalert is not just a lighting system; it's a versatile tool that empowers school administrators and teachers to enhance safety, communication, and overall functionality on your campus.

How Lumalert Can Impact

Visual Messaging at Your School

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Case 1: Emergency Response (EMS)

In times of crisis, quick and effective communication is crucial. With Lumalert, your school can respond swiftly to emergencies. School administrators have the power to turn all internal classroom lights blue, indicating that doors should be closed—providing a clear and intuitive signal to everyone inside. Simultaneously, teachers can easily activate their single external Lumalert light, which shines red, creating a clear path for emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to follow. This seamless coordination ensures a rapid response to emergencies, potentially saving precious seconds when every moment counts.

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Case 2: Lockdown in Place

Safety drills and lockdown procedures require precise communication. Lumalert simplifies this process by allowing school administrators to turn all internal classroom lights red, instantly signaling a lockdown in place. This clear visual indicator ensures that students and staff know exactly what to do, enhancing the overall safety and effectiveness of your school's lockdown procedures.

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Case 3: Wayfinding for New Students/Visitors

Welcoming new students or visitors to your school can sometimes be a logistical challenge. With Lumalert, you can streamline this process. School administrators can select a specific classroom for a new student, and that classroom receives a visual message, indicating the arrival of a new student or visitor. The teacher can then activate their single Lumalert light, which turns green, providing a clear and welcoming signal for the newcomer to follow. This not only improves the experience for new arrivals but also minimizes disruptions in the learning environment.


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