Contemporary Research introduces Lumalert, a network-driven visual signaling systems solution

Nov. 4, 2022

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For AV system integrators, the term “Audio Visual” means the art of presenting audio, graphic, and video media to inform, motivate, entertain, and alert a specific audience. Contemporary Research is introducing a new visual medium - light.

Color is a universal language. On the road, stoplights tell us to stop, go, or maybe go. In facilities, Red/Green often implies open/closed, occupied/available, or danger/safety. In many sites, colors have specific meanings such as Red Alert, Code Blue for engine status in firehouses. Slow or fast flashing colors add emphasis.

The ability to display widely distributed color-coded alerts in a facility can be a new communication solution in the hands of a creative integrator. The LA-B18 Lumalert Bar is ideal for any location where visual messaging is desired. Applications can include health care, first responder, ADA support, education facilities, houses of worship, meeting room status indication, and high-noise environments such as industrial, manufacturing, or production.

The CR LA-B18 Lumalert Bar can be a colorful solution for silent alert communication, networked facility-wide over an IP network. The sleek 18” aluminum strip hosts a row of bright RGB LEDs behind a white diffuser, displaying any solid color, power via POE at less than 7W per unit. Mountable in a standard 2-gang box, connections are available for IP, local DC power, RS-232, and programmable closure inputs. System integrators can send individual and global UDP commands from their preferred control system or software application. Static IP addresses are not required.

LA Toolbox, a free app, simplifies integration and support, is able to discover units on a network, define a unique device address and name, view current status, update firmware, test system operation ahead of control integration, and confirm actions when the system is active


LA-B18 Lumalert Bar

The LA-B18 is an Ethernet controllable visual signaling device