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Education Video Systems

Education AV Solutions

Schools and Colleges trust Contemporary Research to deliver video throughout their facilities. Contemporary Research provides a seamless video distribution solution for facility wide broadcasts, announcement messaging, student entertainment, and safety notifications.

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The New School Environment

Video feeds coming from cable and satellite boxes, web cameras, digital signage players, and even online sources for remote instruction require video distribution systems designed to accommodate such diverse inputs. Safety messaging and directional signage are becoming a necessary part of the in-person education environment for hallways and gathering spaces.

Contemporary Research hardware and software pulls together these diverse inputs to provide seamless AV distribution and full flexibility for staff to get HD video from any source or channel they need.

Deliver and Control Video In-House

To meet the challenge of delivering HD quality video throughout in-house cable systems and IP networks, schools and colleges prefer the QMOD series of HDTV Modulators and QIP series IPTV encoders. These products are available with various inputs and offer either simultaneous RF and multicast/unicast IPTV streaming or multicast/unicast IPTV streaming.

With CR’s Display Controllers and Display Express control software it is easy for staff to turn all TVs on or off or to find and select the sources and channels they need, regardless of where they are working throughout the facility.

The high reliability of Contemporary Research equipment assures AV and IT managers of 24/7 operation without the need to constantly monitor and reboot.

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Education Solutions

With Contemporary Research, schools can enhance the learning experience and increase communication with staff and students.

CR has fully scalable solutions for any size facility and budget, designed for interoperability, simplicity, and reliability.

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Case Study

Communicating on Campus- Why Video is a Necessity

Numerous college and university campuses are utilizing digital signage to communicate and educate students. With advances in technology, universities are adding more televisions and displays throughout their campus to communicate with students on current and upcoming events and to enhance their classroom engagement. What are some of the benefits of using digital signage throughout a campus and what additional features can it offer that will save time and money?

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