Empowering Esports

by Sara Krybus
July 15th, 2020 in Case Studies

Contemporary Research Plays a Key Role in Esports Stadium Arlington’s Success

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About AV over RF

Esports – or electronic sports – is an emerging form of entertainment with a growing number of participants, spectators, and fans. In Esports, individuals or organized teams compete at video games. Although competition has been a part of video game culture since its inception, professional gaming and spectatorship in organized events is a relatively new phenomenon. The rapid growth of Esports has made it not only popular among online spectators, but has led to the construction of dedicated facilities such as the state-of-the-art Esports Stadium Arlington.

Contemporary Research is proud to play a part in a state-of-the-art project in the growing field of Esports. Learn more about Esports Stadium Arlington and the important role AV played by downloading the case study today.

More details available in the April 2020,  Sound and Video Contractor, Esports Challenge

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QMOD-YPB 2 Front View

QMOD-YPB 2 HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoder

The QMOD-YPB 2 is a professional dual-channel frequency-agile RF Modulator / Encoder for distributing HD video content over CATV systems to an unlimited number of televisions or standalone HDTV Tuners.

qda4-45 Front View

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