Excitement Is Building for Collaboration Between Contemporary Research and Daktronics

November 16th, 2016 in Case Studies, Solutions

Live sporting events are full of excitement, but even so, to keep the crowd happy, “you compete with the comfort of home,” says David Vickery, director of arena broadcast services for American Airlines Arena. Often, keeping fans happy involves engaging them with a level of technological sophistication that cannot be matched by any home entertainment system. The products from Contemporary Research do just that. Take its installation throughout the Miami Heat’s arena in 2014. This impressive, large-scale project successfully enabled the broadcast services department of the arena to combine HD encoding with QAM modulators while choosing from a variety of HD formats, bit resolutions, and embedded audio options.

“With the ability to create our own HD Digital QAM channels, we can shape any combination of special game broadcast channels as well as support our corporate partners with new exciting ad configurations,” says Vickery. To accomplish unparalleled results, Contemporary Research prides itself on creating collaborative and cooperative partnerships.

“Daktronics is working with us to provide their customers an IP/RF convergent solution for video distribution. The partnership will allow sites with existing coax the ability to control Daktronics displays with RF display control products from Contemporary Research,” says Christy Ricketts, of Contemporary Research.

Founded in 1968, Daktronics is a pioneer and global leader in the designing and manufacturing of large-screen LED video displays. With Daktronics displays found everywhere from your local high school scoreboard to major league stadiums to Times Square and the Piccadilly Circus, you’ve almost certainly encountered a Daktronics display without realizing it.

Contemporary Research and Daktronics have been hard at work bringing this partnership together. The testing period was recently completed and the seamless integration and synergy of the product lines truly reflects the productive nature and teamwork between the two companies. The excitement is building as the first official collaborative project between CR and Daktronics will soon be announced.

The partnership between Contemporary Research and Daktronics is a natural collaboration between two leaders in AV integration for stadiums and arenas.

““They create display, control and audio solutions, and we provide the boxes that deliver video broadcast content,” says Ricketts. “We’re both American companies with great quality products and customer service.”

With displays in every MLB stadium in the country, 9 out of 12 of Australia’s National sports stadiums, and everything in between, Daktronics has earned its place as a global leader in providing exceptional installations for professional sports. Countless major and minor league teams have chosen both Contemporary Research and Daktronics to provide video, scoring, advertising and audio technology for their venues. With so many satisfied customers, one can only imagine the success such a partnership will bring.