QMOD-HDSC Serves HD Content to Brazil Supreme Court

November 4th, 2011 in Case Studies

The Brazil Supreme Court System has upgraded their AV system to transmit signals captured during plenary, first class, first class, auditorium, and training room sessions at their facility. These AV signals, and more than eight channels of free DTV, also needed to be transmitted to approx 100 receptors distributed in dependencies of the Brasil Supreme Court. The reception points are located in Minister's offices, audio recording, and support rooms.

According to court representative and Contemporary Research, the new AV system can transmit video signals in 1080i HD resolution and also incorporate equipment with video component YPbPr. This is key because the video signals captured at the Brazil Supreme Court are available in YPbPr. Also, the Contem­porary Research modulaters have proven to be the most economical options.