Users Create Own On-site HDTV Broadband Distribution Systems with Contemporary Research QMOD-HD Modulator

May 16th, 2010 in Case Studies

Dallas, TX. - 5/17/2010 Sports, retail and entertainment facilities, corporate offices, broadcasters, colleges, schools and worship center users of Contemporary Research’s recently launched QMOD-HD modulators are singing its praises.

“Customers are creating their own on-site HDTV broadband distribution systems using a variety of HD, SD, and AV sources with the QMOD-HD,” says Janine Davis, Contemporary Research director of sales. “They like the fact that they don’t need matrix routers or IP resources; they can just tune in with standard displays or CR HDTV tuners.”

“Kudos for putting out a better product,” says David Cooke of Willow Creek mega-church in Illinois.

“QMOD-HD satisfied our need to search through massive amounts of TV to pinpoint exactly what The Daily Show and The Colbert Report need from 20 channels of TV, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Matt Curie of Snapstream Enterprise.

“Because it is compact and easy to integrate, the QMOD-HD accepts AV, component, or NTSC, converts the audio and video to a digital cable channel, and amplifies for distribution through a broadband cable system,” states Davis.

One key value of QMOD-HD technology is the high quality of the encoding process. David Cooke of Willow Creek Community Church writes, "We fed live HD video to QMOD-HD. Great! Far better than our "Pro" modulator! Less noise in the shadows, no macro blocking. Integration and set-up is much easier as well.”

“QMOD-HD allows us to search through massive amounts of TV to pinpoint exactly what we want to find and then do things like making a montage, proving some politician flopped, the list goes on and on,” states Matt Curie of Snapstream.
Integration is simple,” says Ms. Davis. “Just connect a VGA, component, S-Video or composite video, then add stereo or coax/optical digital audio. Set up each channel with the modulator’s LCD screen, text menus, and navigation buttons then combine with a cable feed and other QMOD-HDs and broadcast through the RF system. What customers like best about the QMOD-HD is its price, “ Ms. Davis concluded. “They tell us that for less than $2400 they get what otherwise would cost up to five times that much.”

The QMOD-HD will be demonstrated at Booth C6210, InfoComm in Las Vegas June 9-11, 2010.

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