Video Vices: The Growth of Esports in the Stadium Environment

November 22nd, 2019 in Case Studies

On this podcast episode of Video Vices with Contemporary Research, Corey Dunn, Chief Creative Officer, Esports Stadium, Arlington spoke with Tyler Kearn about his personal journey from gaming fan, to eSports announcer, to Chief Creative Officer at Esports Stadium Arlington, TX. Esports Stadium Arlington opened in Nov. of 2018 and is the largest dedicated sports facility in North America. Fully equipped with broadcast and production studios, premium hospitality offerings, retail and social spaces and gorgeous video distribution, the arena goes well beyond a training and competition space.

In the episode Dunn retraced his steps as a Counter Strike fan in 1999, and his experiences joining early cybergaming leagues. Dunn answered an ad in 2004 looking for eSports competition announcers, and then began a ten-year stretch of professional competitive gaming commentary. Dunn’s commentary work took him around the country and around the world.

The popularity of eSports is growing, and stadium competitions are increasing in popularity. Dunn sees the stadium environment as a way for gaming enthusiasts to gain comradery with fellow fans, get to be in the same place watching their favorite gamer compete, and get an experience unique from simply watching the event online at home.
Dunn explained at Esports Stadium Arlington, they can use game data to create unique visual components to enhance an attendee’s experience. It is important to offer fans a unique visual experience at the stadium to differentiate themselves from a home-viewing experience. From large-scale stadium monitors, providing multiple camera angles with map overviews and player information, to exclusive access to AR/VR, eSports stadiums are deploying all of the latest AV technology that traditional sports have been integrating. The result: a more immersive and exciting viewing experience that brings fans to the stadium.

Contemporary Research is proud to play a part in this state-of-the-art project in the growing field of eSports. Learn more about Eports Stadium Arlington and the important role AV played by downloading the case study today.

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Learn more about Eports Stadium Arlington and the important role AV played by downloading the case study today.

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