Excelling in Innovation, Quality and Customer Service since 1994

September 14th, 2017

Since the day of its founding in 1994, Contemporary Research has strived to provide innovative products with the highest level of quality and customer service. For more than 23 years, Contemporary Research has designed and manufactured simple and innovative solutions for professional audio video system integration out of Dallas, Texas. As the industry’s needs changed, so did the solutions that Contemporary Research offered. Prioritizing solutions helped Contemporary Research innovate and set the industry standard year after year, and that work has clearly paid off.

After nearly a decade as Chief Engineer for AMX, Scott Hetzler spotted a gap in the market. He knew he could offer AV integrators high quality RS-232 controllable products designed for professional A/V integration, manufactured in the US. Within the year, Contemporary Research was up and running.

Contemporary Research launched their product line with a flurry of innovative solutions. The AV 6x4 Routing Switcher with RS-232 control designed specifically for integration, allowed users to route video signals across multiple input sources. Quick on its heels was the ICC-HE, as well as the ICC1 and ICC2 TV controllers, allowing large-scale 1-way display control through standard coax TV systems. The HE-series just recently evolved into a new product, the ICE-HE-DXL, an Ethernet head-end with a built-in web page for basic display control.

Contemporary Research remains focused on finding new solutions at every stage of the design process to meet market needs. A defining moment was the massive analog to digital transition in 2009. Chief Engineer and President Scott Hetzler recognized a need for a reliable, yet affordable TV tuner designed for integration utilizing RS-232, so he developed the 232-ATSC Tuner. While many companies offered products with either analog or digital, Contemporary Research recognized that most applications needed both options available at once and adapted their design before competitors. That acute sense of the market’s needs has set Contemporary Research apart from the beginning, and customers have noticed. Contemporary Research’s persistent attention to the detailed challenges that AV integrators face has earned them a reputation as a one-of-a-kind company with products that integrators trust.

Yorktel, Whitlock, and AVI-SPL are just a few of Contemporary Research’s first customers, and Contemporary Research maintains a long, storied list of installations around the country including NASA, NBC Studios, and Goldman Sachs to name just a few. Those customers recognized from the beginning that CR’s commitment to a solutions-based design, ability to remain American made despite higher manufacturing costs, and dedication to provide above and beyond customer service.

Founder Scott Hetzler put it best: “I’m proud of the response we receive from customers regularly about how great our service is, how much we care, and how we are easy to reach. That’s what I really attribute to our success and over 23 years in business.” To learn more about Contemporary Research’s complete line of products click here or to read about how our products have been successfully installed in other applications click here.